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Discover 3 Different Flows of Income

  In this quick video, Real Estate Entrepreneur Michael Del Prete explains how the flow of income is different between Poor, Middle Class and the Wealthy. Hey, Mike Del Pete here with wehearthouses.com. Today, I am going to show you how the flow of income is...

Robert Kiyosaki Real Estate Tips

  He’s the author of the greatest financial book of all time Rich Dad Poor Dad. He owns over 10k units of real estate. Here’s Robert Kiyosaki’s 7 real estate tips to...

Real Estate Cash Flow Game

Ray and Zen interview Michael Del Prete with We Heart Houses. What is the real estate game like these days? How does one get involved with little or no money? Are there secrets to be told? Michael actively participates in real estate and currently holds his own rental...

Michael Del Prete – Best Deal Ever

Michael Del Prete, of We Heart Houses in Phoenix, Az joins us today on the Deal Farm. Michael has wholesaled over 200 houses over the last few years and has an active real estate business in Phoenix. On this episode, he talks with us about his coaching program that...

Why Real Estate is an IDEAL investment compared to Stocks

Why Real Estate is an IDEAL investment compared to Stocks They are both great investments, but at certain times and market conditions, you may decide to use either of these tools. You may want to use both of them simultaneously. Having financial education and knowing...

Donald Trump Real Estate Tips

He is an iconic real estate developer
He’s a 2016 Presidential candidate.
He’s Donald Trump and here are his top 7 real estate tips

Than Merrill Real Estate Tips

He is a former NFL football player
He’s the star of A&E’s hit reality show flip this house
He’s Than Merrill and here are his top 7 real estate tips

How To Wholesale Houses and Retire Rich with Real Estate

Flipping 40+ houses a year can generate a good chunk of Cash, and give you a Freedom that you have never experienced before. Our Featured Guest today is Michael Del Prete. Mike got started Wholesaling Houses for quick cash and found a Freedom that was really good....

Using your IRA to invest in Real Estate

Download Using your IRA to invest in Real Estate PDF What you need to know about Real Estate Investing with a self-directed IRA What type of real estate can a self-directed IRA hold? Residential Single and multi-family homes, apartments, condos, vacation properties,...

How to Avoid Investment Fraud in Less than One Minute

Have you ever heard, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is” ? Get Rich Schemes are designed to separate you from your money: yet, people often become victims of ‘double-your-money’ or ‘earn-lifetime-income’ programs. Here’s how to identify and avoid get...

How to ease into retirement when you’re not prepared

Some people make a smooth transition to retirement, jumping into their new lifestyles with gusto, but others have more trouble transitioning. There are several steps you can take to make it easier: Decide when to sign up for Social Security. When you sign up for...

[ Quick Tip ] How to build trust with your bank

If you recognize any of these signs, call us immediately 602-384-9807 or you can download our free report 7 steps on how to stop foreclosure. Hopefully our report will help you regain control of your situation.


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