Who Makes the Best Bird dog a.k.a Property Scout

Who Makes the Best Bird dog a.k.a Property Scout

Boy, I get this question all the time:

“Mike, would I make a good bird dog or do you need some special education to be a good one?”

Likely the answer is YES, you would make a fabulous bird dog.

No, it doesn’t take any special education. I’ll teach you what types of properties to look for, why they are good candidates and the questions to ask potential sellers. And you don’t have to work with just me. This is not an exclusive contract sort of thing.

All busy real estate investors could use a stable of trained bird dogs!

Spoiler alert: Pretty much anyone who can learn to ask good questions and can keep their eyes and ears open would make a good bird dog.

Let me count the ways… I mean types!

You would make an excellent bird dog if you possess a brain and the ability to learn a new skill. In last week’s article I covered why it makes a good side hustle. You might consider being a bird dog if you:

  • Like to talk to people and enjoy browsing neighborhoods and properties. Like I said in my last article, watch out. Being a bird dog is fun and you might just get addicted to looking at properties.


  • You have a day job but are looking for more money or a change in your life. You can totally fit this new skill and income-producing activity into your schedule. You can look at properties on your drive home and on the weekends. You can make it a couples thing and take your spouse along for the ride. Once you get the hang of it, you might quickly find that you can earn more as a bird dog in a month than you currently earn. What you earn is predominately up to you and how much energy and time you put into learning and practicing your new bird dog skills!


  • You like earning while you learn new things! How often do you get the chance to be paid as you get better and better at a new skill? Typically you have to pay to learn, right? When you work with seasoned real estate investors (ahem, like me) we will teach you what you need to know to be successful as a bird dog. It only benefits us if you know what you are doing and which questions to ask potential property sellers!


  • You’re a college student. When you’re a student you are out on the streets a lot. You know what’s going on in the community. You know what types of properties your peers like to live in and why. If you keep your ears open you might even know when there is a property in need of lots of repairs and has a lot of turnover in residents as a result. BINGO! Maybe the disrepair indicates a property owner who is in over his/her head or who needs help getting the property up to snuff but doesn’t have the money for it. Maybe that individual is elderly or tired or whatever. There are many reasons an owner will consider selling. What if you told that person you work with CASH buyers? Then you ask a series of qualifying questions and bring the deal to the real estate investor with whom you have an agreement. What could happen? That’s right. The investor may negotiate a deal to buy the property and you earn a fat check. Because it’s a bigger deal, it will be a fatter check.


  • You have a job where you drive around the city a lot. You could be a postal worker, a Fed Ex driver, a truck driver for local companies, a milk man (person), a pizza delivery person or literally any other delivery person and do really well as a bird dog. Why? Because you aren’t just seeing the outside of properties; you are seeing the interiors, too! At least to a degree. You can learn a lot just by looking in from the front door. Does the property look like a hoarder lives there? Does it look like it needs some TLC or more? Do you see signs that there may have been a fire? Does it have any curb appeal at all or more like the lawn hasn’t been groomed in months or years? These are clues that the property owner may be in distress or ready to make a big change, like selling the property to a cash buyer. I’ll be publishing an article on the signs of distress soon.  

Learn the signs of a distressed property owner. Download my FREE eBook. Click this link now!

What is your next step?

If you want to learn more about being a bird dog, I have excellent news.

I am always looking to add new bird dogs to my stable. It starts with a quick conversation to see if you are really interested. I’m in the Phoenix area, so if that’s where you live, too, we can do this thing quickly. If you’re not in my area, that could work, too. You just have to use a different approach. We’ll have to chat.

But remember this… I’m not the only game in town. There are lots of real estate investors near you, no matter where you live, work, attend school or just hang out. Throw a rock and you’ll probably hit one.

Reach out to those in the real estate investing community near you. Like I said in my last article, find them in Meetup groups and at local real estate investing events. Yes, you’ll have to attend the latter in person.

That means you’ll develop and practice your fast elevator pitch and get good at sharing your goals, abilities and willingness to learn.

If you really are in the Phoenix area, take action now. Pick up the phone and reach out to me. At the very least, subscribe to my YouTube channel where you can learn more about me and what I do in real estate.  : )

But don’t stop there.

I have a brand new, very affordable video course that teaches you what every great bird dog needs to know. You can take this information and use it wherever you lay your head right now. It is designed to help you work with real estate investors just like me all over the planet. Here’s the truth about the price: If you jump on the opportunity right now, it will cost less than what you’d pay for a cup of coffee every day at McDonald’s for a month! No kidding. (I’m keeping the price down, because I want you to be a bird dog and learn how to rock at it!)

Check it out. Click Here Now and see what others have to say about it.

Until Nextime..

Michael Del Prete

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